Incident Response

Enterprise incident responders and threat hunters should be armed with the latest tools, memory analysis techniques, and enterprise methodologies to identify, track, and contain advanced adversaries and to remediate incidents. Incident response and threat hunting analysts must be able to scale their analysis across thousands of systems in their enterprise. This section examines the six-step incident response methodology as it applies to incident response for advanced threat groups. We will show the importance of developing cyber threat intelligence to impact the adversaries' "kill chain". We will also demonstrate live response techniques and tactics that can be applied to a single system and across the entire enterprise.  

Incident Response and Threat Hunting Course will help you to:

  • Detect how and when a breach occurred
  • Identify compromised and affected systems
  • Perform damage assessments and determine what was stolen or changed
  • Contain and remediate incidents
  • Develop key sources of threat intelligence
  • Hunt down additional breaches using knowledge of the adversary

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