The Benefits of Cyber Security Certifications.



Recently, there has been multiple industry certifications which are now required for Cyber security professionals who wants to advance their career.   The main drive is the complexity of the Cyber space which career professionals are working to protect. This complexity has been driven largely by the convergence of IT and telecommunications, the rise of hacking techniques and new ways of evading security controls, the addition of new ways of networking and connecting such as mobile, wireless and cloud.  In the mix is the rise and growth of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) which has given rise to the incubation of new ways of doing things on the Internet and the development of applications that uses the Internet to provide services and support in different phases of life. 

So then, what are the values of certifications?

  • Professions often require certification
  • Sets national standards in proficiency
  • Provides career recognition
  • Creates a perception of worth and quality for the profession
  • Confirms a working knowledge of information security

For the individual, certification:

  • Highlights value to a potential employer, recognizes career achievements and provides credentials based on requirements and evaluations
  • Enhances career
  • Opens doors

To the employer, certification:

  • Provides effective, meaningful and objective measure to determine qualifications of job candidates
  • Guarantees specific skills & knowledge of the field
  • Raises employee morale for companies paying for certification


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