CompTIA Cloud+ Is Now DoD 8570 Approved


As the world moves increasingly toward cloud-based technologies, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is ensuring that its personnel and contractors validate the expertise needed to maintain and optimize cloud infrastructure services. CompTIA Cloud+ recently met the DoD Manual 8570.01 requirements for those who work with sensitive information and need to satisfy specific job requirements. This approval highlights the importance of a technologically savvy, cutting-edge military workforce.

The DoD approved CompTIA Cloud+ for three vital workforce categories:

  • Information Assurance Manager Level I (IAM I)
  • Cybersecurity Service Provider Infrastructure Support (CSSP-IS)
  • CSSP Analyst (CSSP-A)

What’s on CompTIA Cloud+?

Here are a few highlights of the topics covered by this cloud computing certification:

  • Cloud Deployment: CompTIA Cloud+ covers the implementation, maintenance and delivery of multiple cloud deployment models, emphasizing in-demand technical skills.
  • Cloud Security: Securing the enterprise is no longer the specific domain of cybersecurity experts in a world where the weakest link is often exploited. CompTIA Cloud+ focuses on these important aspects of cybersecurity:
    • Updated encryption standards, certificate and key management, and tunneling protocols
    • Access control technologies based on given cloud computing models
    • Automating the continuous improvement of organizational cybersecurity posture
  • Cloud Management and Migration: Understanding how a cloud-migration works is as important as being able to implement one. The CompTIA Cloud+ certification covers the knowledge, skills, and abilities to conceptualize, implement, and troubleshoot moving to the cloud.


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